Have go Lesson / Inductory Lesson

An ideal way to find out what it's like to fly an aircraft. Also a great way to have a look around the area and do something different at the same time.

Full Size Flight Simulator

The flight simulator screen is over 250 degrees around, which gives the Sim Pilot the feeling of flight, even with the seat fixed to the floor. Plus the simulator can be set up for a large range of aircraft and you can choose to fly from almost anywhere in the world.

Simple Steps To a Pilot Licence
1. A Test Drive
Just start with a test drive / introductory lesson is a great way to come out and have a look around. Try the flight Simulator for a blast.The a take real aircraft for a fly the airplane and you also get to meet the friendly people out at the airport. Plus pretty cost-effective it only $125
2. Just start doing it..
Just start doing it by coming out and just doing regular lessons each lesson average is around somewhere between 120 and $140 a week. and if you do this for about 18 months you will wind up with a private pilots licence
3. Do a medical
Do a medical as you can appreciate flying an aeroplane you need to remain conscious throughout the exercise. This medical is not to check that you are superhuman, just that you need to be in average health to be fit to fly.
4. Gain some knowledge
Like any licence there are a couple of exams you need to pass. However don't worry, all this is made very easy with aerohire's own online training system + with the support of your instructor
4. Pass a Flight Test
Right from your very first flight you'll be shown how to fly how easy it is to fly accurately, so the flight test will be a "non event" for you
So that Now..
Even if you do nothing with your private Pilot Licence it is an achievement you can be proud of for the rest of your days

By having a Private Pilots Licence is like having a boat which gives you the use of the Sea. With your licence you have the use of the air
Cirrus Partnership Program
Cirrus Partnership
Seeing Peter Rutledge has met the course requirements for and is reconized as a CSIP. Plus Aerohire has a Cirrus available for training and private hire. We were able to join the Cirrus Aircraft Partnership program.
Cirrus Partnership
New Zealand Civil Avaiton CAA
CAA Web Site
Courses are based on...
Our courses for
Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Instructor Rating
are towards a "Civil Avaition Rule(CAR) Part 61
Step 6.
Now with a Private Pilot Licence you can ....
General Information
Future financial commitment.
Aerohire is run as an informal yet professional flight training organisation. Which means, that if your circumstances change you can just stop flying without any future financial commitment.
Compare apples with apples
 Another way to compare apples with apples is to consider the cost of your last vehicle upgrade. So by putting off your regular vehicle upgrade for just a year or two and put the funds toward a Pilot Licence. And upgrading your car in few years’ time then you would have a Pilot Licence and a new car.
Same light as enjoying your overseas trip
By looking at enjoying flying lessons in the same light as enjoying your overseas trip. What do you have after your trip? A life experience! So this is the same for flying, so even if you don’t keep your Pilot Licence current or only just do the first solo. You have the same sort of life experience. Having flown an aircraft by yourself, what value would you put on the life-long sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing you can fly?
Is flying safe?
What I did when I first started learning to fly my teens is I subscribed to civil aviation and got hold of all the accident reports. Not one of them made me concerned about flying in fact they put my mind at rest when you look at an accident or incident generally without exception there is at least three contributing factors that if the pilot handled anyone of them to them the accident was more likely not have happened.
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