Turning your flying dreams into reality
Approachable, Informal, yet Professional Flight Training!
Who's Aerohire?
  • Home base is Whakatane Airport, New Zealand.
  • Fly regularly from Opotiki and Galatea.
  • Operate a Cessna 152 and SportCruiser aircraft
  • Block Courses available, Pilot Certificates, PPL and CPL
    (Both Ground and Flying)
  • Big focus on the Art of Flying,
    You will learn how easy it is to fly accurately.
Supporting Aviation

1. To introduce people to aviation with “Have a go @ flying”.
2. To provide the challenges and adventures that learning to fly offers.
3. Make sure that pilots have an aircraft that they can hire.
4. To see that smaller flying clubs have access to aircraft and experienced instructors on a regular basis.
5. To run regular Aviation Ground Theory courses for new and experienced pilots.