Re-Edit your voucher
To print your voucher just right click on this voucher and then select Print Picture...

Please note the
* * Payment Required * *
On the top right hand corner of the Voucher. means payment is required prior to take-off.
To pay for this Voucher -  payment instructions are below,
or - if you are going to be coming out to the airport with the recipient of this Voucher, you are welcome to pay on the day.
Make a Direct
Bank Deposit
Aerohire's Bank account is 123217 0095016 00. Please Deposit also please include your Voucher Number of 3246 and your name.

then send me an email so I can send you a new Voucher with a receipt number on it.
Also any other questions you may have ...

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All that is left, is for them to book and enjoy their flight.