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Benefits of being a great Flying Instructor, C-Cat Flight Instructor Course

Why being an Instructor is just great fun!
Yes we are talking about a serious profession , where you are influencing the next generation of Pilots. When you talk to a lot of airline pilots they look back on their time as Instructors, as instructing was a lot fun to do.
Why is instructing so satisfying?
There is just great satisfaction in sitting next to your pre solo student as they absolutely nail their downwind height, their approach speed and carry out a smooth landing. All done with ease like a commercial pilot. All this is easy to achieve by you first of all , fully understanding the basics of flying and then simply pass this information onto your student.
What do you mean by fully understanding the basics?
First of all understanding that ALL theory explained in the classroom is of great value to the student in the air. The good Instructors know and promote this piont. "Effects of Controls" and "Straight and Level" lessons are the bedrock of everybody's aviation career. Time spent getting the basics right pays great dividends further on in their training.
Why is passing the flight test secondary?
The course run here at Aerohire is focused on giving you the tools to be a great Instructor. We train you to be the type of Instructor we want to employ. And like anything else if you become great at what you do then, any flight test then becomes a formality.
What will the flight Examiner be looking for in my flight test?
All this information is contained in some booklets put out by civil aviation called the "Flight Test Standards Guide". Each exercise gives description for "not yet competent", "competent" and "ideal". The "Not yet competent" is a list of possible mistakes you could make. You should only be striving for the "Ideal", as "Competent" probably isn't. To explain this let's look at straight and level where they say you can fly plus or minus a certain height. What they really want you to do is fly accurately and if you run across some turbulence or distraction you should be able to remain within plus or minus the limit specified. These limits listed in competent were never meant as a operating range. And flying accurately generates a whole heap of satisfaction and confidence.
Why the focus on online theory material?
Aerohire is focused on the local adult market this means that we very rarely have a large group with which to run group theory classes. We have found that the online self study coupled with Instructor support has worked very well. This means that we can tailor a course to suit you and your time frames budget etc. This also includes your instructing course.
Why do your Instructor Rating at Aerohire?
As you would have noticed by reading to this point that we take the art of instructing very seriously. To get you to the goal of being a great Instructor we provide a lot of one on one tuition with a senior Instructor. Plus early on in your training you spend a lot of time with actual students.
What do I need to start training as an Instructor?
This is simple, basically you just need a current commercial pilot's licence.
What do I need to achieve to be eligible to sit a flight test?
Again all this information is available to you from Civil Aviation through the AC61-18
So what are the costs?

Aerohire Charges

Ground Course $ 4,500
Dual Rate $ 210/hour
For 25 hours Instruction Training and 1 hour Spinning
Solo Rate / Hour Building $ 185/hr
Landing And Airways Fees None / Free

Other Cost you need to Budget for ..

Instructional Techniques Theory Course $ 750
Flight Test $ 1,450
Keen and want to sign up?
My personal recommendation is you come and pay us a visit at Wakatane. Check out our modern premises and fleet. We are all human and you need to check that you fit in with the organization training environment. Please do allow a day so that you can watch how we operate and spend time with our students and staff. Also take the time to check out our visual flight simulator etc.