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Approachable, Informal, yet Professional Flight Training!

Longer - Great Introduction Flights

Ideal For
The person who would like to do and learn more. Like a military basic training, you get to go through the basics of flying an aircraft in one simple pre-flight briefing and flight. Almost everyone I take through this flight successfully is able to do a medium turn.
Medium Turn
Changing the aircraft heading through 360 degrees with a constant angle of bank of 30 degrees while maintaining constant height and in balance.
The Flight
This is a 15-20 minutes pre-flight briefing followed by a 40 minute flight. The Briefing and Flight cover the first three or four lessons that a trainee pilot normally goes through. This Flying lesson has been designed as a "Have a Go @ Flying" Flight. When you decide to take up flying you need to do each of these lessons in full:- Effects of Controls, Straight and Level, Climbing and Descending and Medium Turns.
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