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Mini Flying Course Only $300 for 3 Flights

$300.00 = Great Start
This Mini flying course is 3 x 20+ minute flights. Lesson 2 and 3 with an extra 10 minutes each.(making these flight- times 30 minutes each)
Trial Flight
The same as the "Local Look Around" commonly known as a "Trial Flight" or "Introductory Flight". The Idea here is get you used to the idea of being off the ground while sitting in the pilot's seat. 20 Minute Flight.
Effect of Controls
On this flight we basically play with most of the levers and switches to see what they do. 20 minute briefing and 30 minutes in the air.
Straight and Level
To fly the aircraft in a constant direction, at a constant altitude and in balance. 20 minute briefing and 30 minutes flight.