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Great Introduction Flights

Great Easy
For all of these flights you can easily create an Instant Online Voucher. So this means you can have something within a few minutes to have as a ready-to-go gift that can easily be inserted into a greeting card. Or a box if you want it to seem a bit bigger!
Instant Online Voucher
Standard Trial Flight
Mission 1
An ideal way to find out what it's like to fly an aircraft.
Also a great way to have a look around the area and do something different at the same time.
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Basic Training
Mission 2
Ideal for the person who would like to do and learn more. Like a military basic training, you get to go through the basics of flying an aircraft in one simple pre-flight briefing and flight. Almost everyone I take through this flight is successfully able to do a medium turn.
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The Bucket list
Mission 3
Have a decent go at flying, with the objective of being able to take off and land an aircraft. This mission is over 2 flights and Flight Simulator time is required to learn how to take off and land.
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3 Flights
Intro Course
This Mini Introduction Flying Course is 3 x 20+ minute flights. Lessons 2 and 3 come with an extra FREE 10 minutes each making these flight-times 30 minutes each)
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