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New Price on flights purchased after 31 March 2012
Have a Go @ Flying - Flights
"Local Mission" Whakatane $125
Basic Training Whakatane $210
Introductory Flying Course $300

Flying Lessons
"Local Mission" $125
Introductory Flying Course $300
Your Next Weekly Lesson
35min to 45min @ $230/hour is only ...
... $130-$170 per-Lesson
Buy 10 hours get 11 hours
Works out at an hourly rate of only $209.

Flight Simulator
Sim Hire  $60/hr
1-2 Sim Pilots (1 hour) $60
2-4 Sim Pilots (2 hours) $120
Club Fundraiser (2-4 Hours Block) $POA/hr

Private Hire / Aircraft Hire
Cessna 152 Private Hire $225/hr
Cessna 152 Type Rating or Check Ride  $225/hr
Bristell LSA Private Hire $250/hr
Brsitell LSA Type Rating or Check Ride  $250/hr
SportCruiser Private Hire $185/hr
SportCruiser Type Rating or Check Ride  $185/hr

Cirrus SR22
Cirrus Quick test run (20mins) $200
Type Rating / Dual $390/hr
Private Hire $390/hr(+Airways etc)

Instructor Services
Flying in Aerohire's SportCruiser Included in above Price
With you in your aircraft $85/hr
One on One Ground Theory $85/hr
Thursday Night Theory Classes $20/evening
BFR (PPL, CPL or SAC) $85/hr